Wednesday, April 8, 2009

'Change' can be a good thing.

This post, and those to come, are for me. But if there is anyone out there who finds that they are in a ‘rut’ and don’t know how to get out of it, you may be interested in my story.

I am about to embark on yet another huge adventure in my life. I am currently making plans to move to New York City, from a small town in Iowa, to live for one year as a Nanny for my 2 yr old granddaughter and yet-to- born, grandson.

The ‘theme’ of this first personal post is change. I will begin with a brief history of my past, but I will continue to journal from where I am right NOW, in the present. I intend to journal my way from here in Iowa to my destination in New York, and how a youthful 66 yr old handles life in the BIG CITY as a Nanny .

This is not the first time I have made a decision that completely changed my life as I knew it. At the age of 51 I moved from my hometown in So.Dak. to a small town in Iowa that I had never heard of, to begin a new career. Now, 15 years later I am going to do it again.

Here is my story and why I consider myself a 'Spokeswomen for change':

When I make a big change, there are many decisions to make. So many in fact, that I find it necessary to make a list and then deal with each; one at a time. I always start with only ONE thing on my list. Trying to project into the future and make every decision at once is too overwhelming. ONE item on the list is 'do-able'. That isn't so scary. I have faith, the next step will be there for me when I am ready. I make no decisions without prayer.

Change is very scary. It is the unknown, it isn't familiar. Change is uncomfortable. I think that may be why many people play it safe and don’t go with change. Thank God, literally, that I am not one of those people. Change has opened my world, and I have grown in every way. Sure, I’ve made some bad decisions, but have come out so much stronger and wiser because of the experiences.

Change brings growth.

Growth provides important lessons to be learned.

Contentment and happiness are the results.

This is the list I faced 20 yrs ago:

End a very lonely marriage of 31 yrs.

Find an apartment.

Move out of the house. (he wouldn't)

Begin college as a 48 yr old freshman.

Plan a class schedule to ensure a graduation in 4 yrs.

Sell the business I owned for the past 21 yrs.

Apply for a teaching position.

Make the decision to accept the offered job.

(difficult choice since I knew no one in the town and was alone)

Rent a U haul


If anyone reading this needs encouragement, continue to log in. Maybe I can help you, or you can help me.

I have started a new list. The first item is done, I AM moving to New York. I am just pondering the 2nd item on the list, but that is for my next post.

Keep the faith and read today's quote.

Thanks for stopping by.



Janelle Goodwin said...

Hi Diane, I read your list and I'm amazed. You must be a very strong person. I also read your angel post and was touched by it. I also have many angel books (and collect angels). And I have some angel stories of my own. I need to follow your blog!

sumita's artworld said...

Hi Diane!
Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my art blog.
I read your article on 'change' and I think that it takes great strength and self-confidence to follow a different path. Your blog reflects your clarity of thought and action!
Your paintings are vibrant and full of life and I'm sure they reflect your personality!
I'll be visiting your blog again and wish you all the best for your future.

Sir John said...

You will have a great time in the city, i went to school at NYU a long time ago. there is so much to do and see, Enjoy it and love the time there.

Johnny (Sir John) Ray

Randy Dillon said...

Looks good. Times may not be rosy, but that is no reason to be negative. It is good you understand that. So you're on the right foot. What next in your life? Great Grandkids?

Jeanette said...

From experience, don't commit to an entire year. Didn't work out for my friends. Also, my daughter & I need our own homes... Just sayin. NYC will be a great adventure for you!

Yaniv Levari said...

Dear Diana,

I want to quote one of the greatest women of ther world, Rosabeth Moss Kanter : "Change is always a threat if it’s done to you, but an opportunity when done by you".
about me, I try to leave my life according to "don't let who you are, prevent you from what you can be"
wonderful post, and more of that - I admire you for living your life they you want to, and not the way they happen to you. may there be many more like you.
god bless you.
yaniv levari

Marilyn Sholin said...

Diane, you are my kind of woman! I embrace change and my motto is "BE FEARLESS" Fear is what holds people back from change for the good. Yes, we all will make mistakes, but they eventually work out also. I will give you the short list of what I have done with change but my one important key element is to always play "What is the worst case scenario if I do this and how will I deal with that?" Once that plan is in place, all fear is gone because I have already solved the worst thing that could happen.
Short List: Divorced after 20 yrs
Searched for 7 yrs and found my birth father who completed my life and had five close and wonderful years with him and my stepmother.
(I had not seen him for 36 yrs since I was 10yrs old)
Closed my 25 yr portrait studio that had 2600 sq ft and four employees and changed the way I did that business into personalized on location high end portraits and paintings.
Decided to sell condo I bought after the divorce and move from Miami, Fl to Asheville, NC and bought a good sized home on property and building my business here.
I could go on...but none of this came easy....but All worthwhile and happier than ever. Enjoy NYC. Enjoy the year, it will fly by. Make some rules for your being there and keep open communication about how the nanny work is going for you with your children.

Looking forward to following your journey.


Diane L. Harris said...


My smile got bigger and bigger as I read this post. I love your story and your spirit. Change is hard, but growth requires it. I will continue to read your posts. Am excited to find out how you learn to thrive in NYC (my old hometown).

Artworks by Diane said...

Diane, THanks, I am glad you are reading my posts. Do you have a follow link so I can add you to my follow? I would appreciate it if you would click on my follow and follow me. Diane