Friday, May 4, 2012

Who is taking care of YOU?

I found a great article in my 'in-box' today from 'Oprah' The title was 'Who is taking care of YOU? It caught my attention because I have been feeling a little 'Martyr-ish' lately. Oprah's article lists 4 key points: 1. The importance of Vit. D (the sun) Just 10 min a day in the sun will completely change your attitude. That is so true for me. A gloomy day drags me down, I feel tired with little energy. When the sun comes out,everything 'lightens up', not just the sky, but ME! 2.Talking to and petting a dog or cat will remove stress. True, everyone knows that. My little 'Sammie' has saved the day for me many times. When someone loves you like that, how can you Not feel good? 3. Massage: It is proven to reduce stress and maintain health. A one hr massage is a little bit of heaven to be sure, but it does cost money. As a substitute, a hot relaxing bath works miracles too. 4. Exercise: Stretching and deep breathing. The trick? Making time for it. The villain? Me. When I have a free moment I fill it with 'must-do' things.. Shame on me. 5. This one wasn't on Oprah's list but it is on mine. Quiet time, 15 min or more in the morning. This step is something everyone can do, it just means getting up early enough to do it. Preferably while the rest of the house is asleep.I confess, I don't do this everyday. In the past I was faithful to this practice, but now mornings come early in this house. I still do find the time at least 3 mornings a week, and believe me, it makes such a difference in my day. My 'Quiet time place' is a chair by the glass door looking out at the back yard. I read, pray, write in my journal and I meditate for a while. My friend Glen who has doctorates in psychology and wellness arts has a great video on YouTube that helps guide you into meditation. So in answer the question,'Who is taking care of you?' Guess who: YOU

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Janelle Goodwin said...

These are good things to keep in mind regarding self care. I especially like being in the sunshine for ten minutes. Thank you, Diane!